Thursday, December 20, 2012

Crown Eco Management Disaster scam jobs policies damages | Crown Eco Management

Alarmed that hope was soon be gone on the emphasis on “green” energy, presidents Obama’s re-election has put a new optimism in the step of environmentalists restoring hope not just for more aggressive climate-change policy but to continue on the said project despite the unforeseen failure and serial bankruptcies of Solyndra and other green-energy in unison.

In 1970’s we were at the lowest in terms of energy resources are concerned because hydrocarbon energy such as oil, natural gas and coal were in short supply, expensive and were being imported from unstable regions overseas, we were then left with no choice but endow with renewable energy. The problem with hydrocarbon energy is that it produces eccentric amount of air pollution. As time passes by, technology has found a way to reduce air pollution. It appears that unpredictably, conventional domestic hydrocarbon energy has become abundant again despite unrelenting federal hostility.

The global-warming crusade is still hanging onto its dreams of political relevance. Why is this green energy important? Now that we had proven that green energy is the golden road to prosperity was in fact a lie, but somehow the strategy of forcing higher-cost energy sources on consumers and propping them up with taxpayer subsidies is somewhat been blinded from the laws of economics. Meaning we are all paying twice.

To be sure, if the government will support financially and authorize any form of economic activity, it will “create jobs.” However, as Ms. Furchtgott-Roth, author of Regulating to Disaster, she patiently explains, this kind of reasoning ignores the famous lesson of Frederic Bastiat about what is unseen: “What is seen according to Bastiat, are the jobs directly created by the government, and what is not seen are the workers displaced by the effects of increased taxes, tariffs and government regulation.” The idea could have been more believable if we actually got some of the green jobs. In fact, new employment in green-energy technologies has been little in number and very expensive. Expensive in the sense that sometimes approaching nearly $1 million per job created. So the advocates are actually fooling us, counting as “green jobs” such positions as janitors at solar-power facilities, museum docents, drivers of natural-gas-powered buses, home insulation installers and anyone who works at a bike shop. Even the Green Bay Packers could get counted under some schemes. In short, the green jobbers they are telling us are plainly reclassifying traditional occupations in order to elevate their numbers. And in other words, those are in fact disaster scam jobs.
So what are green jobs really are? No one knows all we know is the jobs they are talking about are frauds. When you shred the true-believing theology and economic illiteracy, what remains is the perfect cover for crony capitalism who would like us to believe in their phony promises. Nothing is making sense, it is as if everyone is making a fool at of his people, disaster scam job policies damage America’s economy.

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